Monday, September 10, 2012

Twin's 12 Month Checkup

I am so behind on blogging. For some reason I just have not been in the mood to blog or look at facebook or Pintrest the last couple weeks. I really am starting to this that it is a blessing because I have spent more uninterrupted time with my four little precious babies. But I don’t want to neglect my blog because I love telling my children’s story so they can one day look back on it.

Everyone has just recently started to school and Mother’s Morning out, and the preparations for these activities and my Bible study are just about to kill me.  Oh yea not to mention that I just started doing some contract work for the company that I just to work for in Bentonville, which I am loving by the way. I know this does not sound like much considering I just left a full time job, but it is a lot of work (exhausting work) hauling a bunch a kids all over town, and making lunches.   

The twins just recently went to the doctor for their 12 month check up, so I wanted to capture their stats.

Preston 12 Months:
Weight – 20 pounds 4 oz. (20% percentile)
Height – 30” (60%)
Head – 46 cm (30%)

Addison 12 Months:
Weight – 18 pounds (40%)
Height – 29” (75%)
Head – 45.25 cm (60%)

Preston – you have recently started playing patty cake by yourself and it is so cute. You love to make your hand go round and a round when it is time to “roll um’ up.” You are still a calm baby, and a pleasure to be around.

Addison – you have recently started saying “hi” and waving backwards and it is so cute. The other day you came crawling across the floor full speed and through the extra binky you had found at your brother and you said “Preston”. It was so cute. You are not a calm baby, but you are a joy to be around.

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Awwww..... miss you guys.