Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4 Year Old Check Up, and a Glimpse into the Future!

A week ago I had to take the three little kids to the doctor for their Well Baby Checkup’s. I am just fascinated at the differences between state immunizations. Emma Grace would have only needed 4 vaccines at 4 years old if we were still in Arkansas, but Georgia required that she get 8 immunizations. We only did 4 last week, but will have to do the other 4 some other time this year. I was so proud of Emma Grace she just clinched her fist and did it. She barley cried and she watched the whole time.

Emma Grace claims she wants to be a doctor, so I think that is why she watched the whole time. And I think if a doctor is something that she truly wants to do she will be very successful! She is the only 4 year old that I know that loves to touch and help mom cut up raw chicken. I know when I was that age I did not have the stomach for things like that. I don’t know what she will be when she grows up, and it is every mothers dream that her child becomes a doctor, but I do know one thing. Given her will power and perseverance she will be successful at anything she put her precious little mind to!

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