Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taylor's First Day of Third Grade

Taylor started the Third Grade this morning in Marietta, GA. His Teacher is Ms. Levin. I am so very proud of my little boy. He was very brave this morning. He kept asking me what I do when I am nervous and I told him that “I sleep a lot when I get stressed.” And he said “I think I go to the bathroom a lot when I am nervous.” Silly little boy!

I walked him into his class this morning and there were already a few kids there. They all turned around looked at him and said “you must be the new kid.” He was pretty excited to be known already. One of the little boys in the room introduced himself to Taylor and Taylor said “hi my name is Taylor.” The other kid said “that is a great name; it is nice to meet you.” Even kids in the Georgia are so polite. I love it, and it made Taylor feel very good about himself.

His school is just right up the road from our house, so I got to walk him to school this morning, and Emma Grace the Twins and I got to pick him up this afternoon. I don’t think it will be long and he will be walking his self. As we were walking home there seemed to be a lot of kids that go to his school that were also walking home in our neighborhood. I love living in a good and very active neighborhood and having other kids around for my children to grow up with. I have very fond memories of my neighbors growing up.

Taylor reported that he had a great day at school and he loves it. He met lots of kids, and he even told me he wants to start eating lunch at school. He said the food looks delicious. I was so impressed. Ryan and I have been making this kids lunch for years. I am so excited because I only counted about 18 desks in his classroom this morning. That is very small compared to the 26 to 30 we had in Arkansas schools. I think we have made an awesome choice in schools.

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