Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Addison and Preston

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Addison and Preston, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Happy Birthday Addison and Preston! I cannot believe that you are both already 1 year old. What a year it has been. We had such a wonderful day today celebrating with family. Your G-daddy, Manna, and Aunt Emily came in for your first birthday, and we have had a great time entertaining them in our new house. We missed everyone else, but never thought we could have the company we were blessed with this weekend.

You two were so very sweet today eating your cake and enjoying as everyone has sang Happy Birthday to you all day long. Preston you loved your cake! Addison your cake made you so very mad. You hate to be dirty my little princess. Your brother really rubbed it in your face (literally), and that made you even madder.

We are so blessed to have you two in our family, and to have made it through the last year, and to have made it through all of our pregnancy complications. I feel like we can breathe now. I think life is only going to get easier and more enjoyable from here. We love you guys very much!!!! Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my love bugs. 

 Birthday Girl......
 Birthday Boy.....

Homemade birthday hats.  I love making these hats for my babies.  I have made one almost every birthday they have all had.  I hate that my bestie Jennifer was not here to help me make these two.  I have the fondest memories of making birthday hats with her.  Sigh...

Preston did not hesitate he jumped right into his cake.  Addison had to study it for a while and still did not put even a bite in her mouth.  Which is surprising because she usually puts everything in her mouth. 

Still can't believe that one year ago today Dr. Seale pulled you guys out one by one and said welcome to this world Baby A, and one minute later she said welcome to this world Baby B. 

Addison this made you so very mad.  You hate to be nasty.  But you love your brother and I guess that is why to did not turn around and bite him. 


Char said...

Thank you for posting all of these wonderful pictures and the great commentary. Made me almost feel like I was there.
Give all of my sweet babies extra hugs and smooches from Nene.

Tootsie said...

Loved all the pics. Those babies are precious!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! Love the picture of Preston rubbing cake on Addison's face! Surviving the first year is quite an accomplishment, but I don't know if it gets easier just different :)

sthanlon said...

Awe...Happy Birthday Addison and Preston. Brought back memories of my big kids. And funny my girl was the same way....wanted no part of getting dirty and cake all over her. Time goes to quickly....but if it helps any, every stage of their lives has been my favorite and they so love each other, 11 plus years later.