Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Memories

Yes I did it. I took pictures at a funeral, and I am okay with that. Had it been a young person’s funeral I would not have taken pictures, but since Memaw lived a long full life and this was a time of celebration I took pictures. It is not often that I get to see my extended family all dressed up.

My mom and aunt crack me up. They have had all of Memaw’s funeral arrangements made for the last three years, since Bill Bill died and she was not able to take care of herself. They picked her out a beautiful white casket with pink lining. And years ago they picked out pink flowers. But when she passed away a couple weeks ago we witnessed the funniest conversation I have ever heard. My aunt said “tomorrow I am going to the florist to redo the flowers. Momma would not have liked plain one color flowers,” like the ones they had previously picked out. She said “I am going to get her some pink and purples and red and yellow flowers with some tacky gold shit sprinkled in them because that is just what momma would have wanted.” I love it when my mom and aunt get together, because they just crack me up. They did redo the flowers and get some more vibrant flowers, but it was very tasteful!!!

 The lady on the right is my cousin Laurie.  Her and I were so close as kids.  We use to have so much fun together. 

I am not great at the manual setting on my camera, but I am usually not this bad.  It was just that dark outside during the graveside services.  About 15 minutes into the production the sky's opened up and it pored down rain.  We laughed and said Memaw must have done that because it had not rained in Alabama all summer long, and that must have been her way of telling us to quit making a fuss over her and to move on with our lives. 

This is my dad.  I think he is laughing because it is pouring down rain and he has to figure out how to get to the car. 

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