Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deep Sea Fishing Trip to Remember

Here are some pictures from our Deep Sea Fishing Trip. This was one of the most fun and memorable times I have ever had. I started off thinking it was a very bad idea because Taylor got sea sick, but it did not take long for his “less drowsy Dramamine” to kick in, and he was good to go. Aunt Emily on the other hand, turned green, and stayed sick for 6 hours straight!

My dad, Taylor, Ryan, Emily and I all went on this trip. We thought we were leaving with the intentions of catching some huge fish, but when we go out to the boat the captain said that it would be best for our crew to catch some smaller ones, and after reeling those things in I would have to agree. I am hoping that Ryan will be able to plan an all day deep sea fishing trip with his brothers one year. They would have such a blast.

I think after Taylor got his sea legs that he even had a blast. I love creating memories with my kids by going out on adventures, and these were memories worth creating! I would much rather spend quality time with my kids as opposed to buying them a toy. I am so thankful that my mom and my sister stayed behind to watch my other three kids. I am certain Taylor will always remember the day that we fished in the pouring down rain, thunder, and lighting, out in the middle of the ocean.


Our Catch from the Day....

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