Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa and Her Little Helpers

Okay I know I have lots of Thanksgiving pictures and catching up to do, but I just had to post these Santa and elf pictures.  The kids and I are so excited about Christmas, and we have so many cute Christmas clothes to take pictures in this year.  And when I say “we” I mean my kids – well my three little kids.  Taylor does not do holiday so he says….

I love this picture.....
But I really love this series of pictures....... 
Look at them slowly.  Look at how annoyed the girls are at Preston and his inability to sit still.

Addison is trying to hold him back, probably because she knows there will be more pictures to take if momma does not get what she wants. 
The girls are so upset with him, well Emma Grace thinks it is great - that is because she too does not like to follow rules. 
But it was a great chance to get a picture of my two little girls.  One day I may or may not get the rest of my decorating done!
I think they are just rolling their eyes at him now..... 
Yes I do have 4 kids but Taylor is always at school by the time I get these little guys all dressed up and ready for the day, so he misses out on pictures!  Plus he hates my idea of fun!

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Char said...

Precious! Keep those pictures coming. ;-)