Monday, April 23, 2012

Emma Grace Stories

On Friday, Emma Grace got to bring her own lunch to School, and she was so excited because she knows that is what Taylor does (and he is such a big boy). We worked very hard to pack it together. And she insisted that she was going to put it in her “packpack” just like Taylor. She was so very cute. She was a little bit disappointed when I dropped Taylor off first and realized that she did not get to go to school with him even though she had her big girl “packpack.” I guess she thought she was ready for big girl school.

Day 11:
I am happy to report that we are on day 11 with Daddy being gone in his first round of Atlanta before we move, and Emma Grace has done great! I was so worried about her being without her daddy for so long. Before daddy left we were talking about him having to go to work for a little while, and how he would be gone, and her response was “I don’t want daddy to have to go to the hospital.” Poor precious child, she was so devastated last summer when I was in and out of the hospital with the twins, and kidney problems. I hope one day she will forget about that experience.

Boogers (Don’t ready if you have a weak stomach or are easily offended):
The other night I was reading the big kids a story in Emma Grace’s bed, and the next thing I know I hear Emma Grace say “Taylor you want to eat this?” And I looked and she had the biggest booger I have ever seen on the end of her finger.

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