Monday, April 30, 2012

Mary's Baby Shower

This weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Bost #2!  Some girl friends and I threw Mary a shower, and it turned out so nice.  Mary got lots of cute things for baby.  If you can’t tell form the pictures her theme for the nursery are Giraffes, and she is using lots of greens and yellows.  It is killing me not knowing what this baby is.  I can’t believe they are not finding out, but that was the most fun surprise Ryan and I ever had with Emma Grace.  I think Mary is ready for baby because she got lots of wonderful things.  Happy Baby Shower Sister!

Isn’t this cute! 
My coworker/dear friend Tiffany made it.  She is so very talented.

Yummy Rick's cake! (I am going to miss Rick's when we move.)

Isn’t this one cute as well! 
My boss/dear friend Kellie made this.  She too is so very talented. 

My BFF Jennifer!  I am going to miss her. 

My sisters!  I am going to miss them.

The hostesses (aka my friends).  Oh how I am going to miss them.   

 Becky (Mary's MIL), mom to be, my mom.

Mom to be!  Doesn't she look great!

This is Maxine Hines.  She is almost 90 years old, but acts like she is about 30 years old.  Her husband is Ben Hines, the preacher that married me and Ryan, and baptized all of my children.  Man am I going to miss her and Rev. Ben. 

These are some more of my friends, and my beautiful SIL is in the pink.  And yes I am going to miss her and Lila and Aaron so very much.  I wish I could pick my family up and move them with us. 


Leslie said...

I see a common theme... Don't go!!! J/K :)

Audrey said...

Mary is lucky to have such sweet sisters and friends. Thank you for including me on this special occasion. I will miss making these memories with you all!

The Bost Family said...

Thank you for the wonderful shower! Im so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!
I love you and am going to miss you!o

Jenny said...

I'm so sad I missed the shower!! Looks like it was fun and Mary got a lot of cute stuff!!! We are all going to miss you!!!!