Monday, April 9, 2012

Big News For the Coble Family

And “no” we are not having another baby!!!!! As of today Ryan is no longer employed at Wal-Mart, and our family will be journeying over to Hot-lanta for a new chapter/adventure in our lives. This is an awesome opportunity for Ryan’s career, and I am so very proud of him!!! And I am very excited about what this will allow for me and the kids. For the first time ever I will be staying at home with all four of them (wish me well). Ryan will be leaving on Saturday to start his new job on Monday, and the kids and I will stay here until the middle of May when Taylor is done with second grade.

This will be a huge move for us. Leaving all of our friends, family, church, and support system is the scariest thing ever, but I know that we will grow as a family through this experience and I am so excited to see what the Lord has planned for us. We have recently found out that Georgia has lottery funded in state college education, and pre-k funded education. God is already answering my prayers for I have been concerned how we were going to put all of our Many Children through college.

Funny thing is when I was in college after doing an internship in Atlanta for six months I swore that I would never live in Atlanta again. I am slowly learning to “Never say Never,” my life is in God’s hand, and we know he has an awesome plan for us.

Ironic – today was Ryan’s last day at Wal-Mart, and today was my 5 year anniversary for the greatest company on earth! I will miss WhiteWave Foods, and I appreciate all of the flexibility and opportunities, but I am really looking forward to just being mommy for a while.

Keep up with our family adventures here! I will be posting often. Laura


Leslie said...

When I heard it through the grapevine, I swore it wasn't true!! But I am happy for you! Having twins changes everything. You are right, never say never!!!

Stephanie said...

I am sad for us, but so excited for you! What an adventure for you all!,,

Meredith & Brett Hagedorn said...

I agree with everyone wishes on your new family adventure!!! Please keep posting. & keeping up with my blog!! Hotlanta is great!! Where wil y ou be living?