Friday, January 18, 2013

Next Big Project....

Alright now that Christmas is behind us we are in full swing of Valentine's crafts and decorations.  Today Emma Grace and I did Valentine crafts all day long.  The babies even helped out. 
I don't think that I have put in my blog yet that right before Christmas I took the three little kids out of their preschool program.  I just could not keep the twins well, we had had three months of back to back ear infections and I when the doctor started talking about tubes I said "time out" and took everyone out of their public exposure.  We might try again next year but for now we will do school and crafts at home.  Emma Grace misses her friends but she loves being at home with me. 
All three of my little kids have soooooo much fun painting, and they especially love it when they get to use their fingers and toes.  Something about the cold paint I guess.

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Stephanie said...

I do not blame you at all for pulling the kiddos out in order to keep them well. We have only taken Camryn to childcare at church 3 times, and every time she has gotten sick. So we said no more until flu/RSV season is over!! And we opted not to do mother's day out for the same reason. I found a college girl to come to the house one afternoon a week for some mommy sanity time. I hope you can find some time for yourself!!!! Miss you!