Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Day of First in the Coble House

Today was Taylor’s first day back to school after being out of 18 days, but who is counting. Taylor is so excited to get back. I think he was getting bored at home. Bless his heart I went upstairs last night to go to bed at about 9:30 (yes I am that kind of person), and I found him still reading. I said “Taylor it is 9:30 you have got to go to sleep because you have a big day back at school tomorrow.” He said “oh no, dad was supposed to come up here and tell me when it was 8:00 so I could quit reading.” I guess I need to buy him his own clock! But I am so proud of my little reader. He has really taken to his bible, and he has finished Genesis in just 2 days. I love that he love the Lord and that he loves to read. He make me so proud. On Sunday he stated a Bible Drill class at church and he is so excited, he has high hopes to make it to the State Church Drills. It is so funny to see the things that he is competitive with and the things he is not competitive with. He hates sports, but he loves all things academic and he is determined to do his best with them.

Right before Christmas break I took the twins back to the doctor to have their ears checked because they just were not feeling well. Turns out they both had double ear infections again, so I did what any rational mom would do and I pulled all three of my babies out of their preschool program. I am not sure what I was thinking because now I have to get Emma Grace ready for kindergarten all by myself, and now I really never get a minute to myself. Oh well, I am not putting another child in tubes and I really was not 100% happy with Emma Grace’s preschool teachers anyway.

A big first for us is that at 16 months old Ms. Addison has started to walk (some). She now knows how to walk and we know that for a fact, but she still prefers to crawl.

So those are our first for the New Years. Speaking of New Year’s, I did not really make any New Year’s resolutions because I suck at getting all things done these days, but I do hope to blog more, not just post pictures but write stories about the kids. We will see how that goes.

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