Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Abby

On Sunday Emma Grace was invited to her friend Abby's birthday party.  Now that we are not in preschool anymore it was so nice for Emma Grace to get to see some of her old friends.  It was so cute when a few of the boys walked up to Emma Grace and said "Where have you been at school we have missed you."  I just loved that they noticed she was gone and it made her feel so good about herself.  Although ever since the party she has been wanting to go back to school to see her friends.  Next week her and I will start doing tours of private kindergarten options for next year.  We don't feel she is ready for public kindergarten but we will probably do private one, and determine after the year if she is ready for public first grade or if we need another year in kindergarten in the public setting. 

Back to Abby's birthday.....   there were ponies and all the kids loved them except mine.  She said there were ponies in Arkansas on the farm, and she was scared of them.  But she did love the rope swing and she suckered Ms. VanLoh into pushing her on the swing. 

We are going to miss Abby and her family so much, because they are moving to Seattle to work for Amazon in a couple weeks.  We are so happy for them because it is an awesome opportunity but I am going to miss Abby's mom so much.  She has become a dear friend of mine.  Oh well such is life. 

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