Friday, May 25, 2012

Problem Solved

This gate system was the best money ever spent!  I have been worn out by chasing two babies around this house, so yesterday Emma Grace and I packed up and went to Babies R Us and bought this wonder "cage."  The babies did not like it at first but 24 hours later they are loving it. I am not sure why I only packed 10 toys for the to play with. I wish I had brought them a few more things!  But I have to admit that they are learning to play with each other very well!  Preston is even learning to pull Addison's hair back, so it is quickly stopping her mean behavior! 

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The Bost Family said...

Love it!

Char said...

Great idea! - roomier than the old playpens.
Love these babies.

sthanlon said...

I had that gate in white when Ben and Rachel were little and you can even buy extensions to make it bigger too. Loved it!!! Hope things are going okay. Let me know if you need anything! Or if you just need a get a way one day and the whole clan can come up...bring bathing suits! :)

Leslie said...

These were a lifesaver for me, too! You should have bought mine at the consignment sale for $8!