Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3

Well we have made it to day 3. I am on day two of my new job (stay to home mom). This is by far going to be the hardest job I have ever had! I only have three of the kids this week and they are about to wear me out! Taylor is in Chicago with aunt Emily visiting the Art Institute of Chicago viewing the Thorn Rooms. He read a book about this exhibit this year and really wanted to go see the miniature rooms. I am ready to have my whole family back in one spot. I am also very ready to find a place to live. The train that runs by this corporate apartment every hour is about to make me crazy! Every night for the past three might I have slept in there room and nursed them all night long just trying to get them to go to sleep. I am not complaining I am just adjusting to out new home.

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Stephanie said...

Hope you find the perfect place soon!!!!!