Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Atlanta Update

To update the blog on our Atlanta adventure. The kids and I have officially made it through our first week in Atlanta. The first two days were rocky where we met some people who were not very nice. One man came out of his apartment, while we were unloading our miniature u-haul trailer with three screaming babies in the apartment, with no intention to leave, but to tell us that we were in his parking space and we were being very disrespectful. The next interaction came day two when we went to get Ryan’s car from the airport. The shuttle bus driver told us that we “morons from Arkansas” and obnoxiously honked her horn at us. Ryan quickly took me and the kids to some nice suburbs to show us a different side of Atlanta!

Over the course of the week we probably looked through 30 different house. At first I was a little bit disappointed because the houses were very old and pretty small. But we got out of the original school district that I wanted to be in (only by about 5 miles), and we found a wonderful house that has everything that we had hoped for. We put an offer in on it on Sunday and I am pleased to say that it was accepted by Tuesday!!!!! We should close on it on July 2nd.

Of course has been a learning situation, like most new things are. I am just so very thankful that we had my dad to help us walk through the process, and to help us understand the things that we needed to be asking about and looking for. The house has what they call Polybutylene plumbing, which we had never heard of. With this type of plumping it is not a question of “it they will bust” but “when they will bust”. So we will have to have the plumbing replaced before we move in, but from all of our research it does not lead us to believe that it will be a hard process. It should only take about 5 days, and luckily we knew enough about it that we deducted the amount to replace it off of our offer price.

I think we are really going to enjoy our new house. I am prying that we did not just settle because of the challenge that come along with looking for a house with 4 small children! But I really feel that we did a good job getting a sample of everything in the area before deciding. The house has a wonderful back yard, which most houses in the areas that we were looking did not. The house has two main stories, with a wonderful finished basement. It has four bedrooms on the top level, and one bedroom in the basement. For now everyone will be on the top level and as the kids get older we will figure out who gets the basement! It has the most incredible deck on it, which I am so very excited because we love to spend so much time outside. It has a wonderful recently remodeled kitchen with open space to the family room. It has a swim/tennis club, and it is on a street that is only about 1/8 of a mile long, and it is a double cul-de-sac. The elementary school is right across the street from our house. I think the little kids and I will be able to walk Taylor to school in the mornings. I think our family is going to be very happy in this home for a long time to come! I wish I had pictures to show, but again with four small children it was very difficult to even go through houses!

In our free time we have been brining the kids to the pool, the park, the Marietta square, out for ice cream, to the Kennesaw national battlefield. We even went over to one of Ryan’s coworkers for a Memorial Day BBQ. It was so very nice to meet someone who lived in the area.


Char said...

Wonderful news! Officially planing our first visit.

DeAnna said...

EXCITING! It is difficult enough just the moving! I can only imagine with 4 small children!! It sounds like a beautiful home and to walk Taylor to school is awesome! I told Audrey we def need to plan a 'girls' trip to ALT, of course later on! Best of Luck!! It sounds like you are off to a good start!(you just have to ignore the jerks:)