Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 4, and Guilt

Well today is the forth day that Ryan has gone to work and I have kissed him good bye and prepared to spend the day playing with my babies. I love playing with my babies all day, but I have this terrible guilt that I am not going to work to help Ryan earn a living. Work is all I have know my whole life. I graduated college on a Saturday and started to work on Monday. Oh well I am sure I will learn to cope;-).

Today we get to pick up Taylor and aunt Emily at the airport. I have missed my little buddy so much! I can't wait to snuggle with him! I have to say that I have really enjoyed spending some quality time with Emma Grace this week. She is such a funny and smart little girl. Unfortunately when her and Taylor are together they fuss all the time and compete for attention. Maybe I can turn that around!

Funny Emma Grace story. The other day we needed to go to Walmart to get a few things so I text Ryan to ask him where it was. He did not respond for a long time. So I asked Emma Grace of she knew where it was, and her response was "it is by the big chicken mom". Sure enough when Ryan text me back I found out it was right across from the big chicken. The big chicken is a huge 70 foot chicken statue on Cobb Parkway that is attached to the KFC, and everyone here uses it at as a point of reference. I guess Emma Grace picked up on this reference point or perhaps Ryan told me how to get there and I was not paying attention to him! I thought it was very clever of her.

I can't believe that this is Memorial day weekend, and we are not headed to Beaver Lake to spend the weekend with our best friends.  I will miss that lake and great family memories being made.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!!! 

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