Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Month Stats

We brought the babies to the doctor last week for their one month check up. Both are doing very well and growing big. They are both in the 10th percentile for their weight, and 50th percentile for their length.

Addison weighed 7 lb and 2oz
Preston weighed 7 lb and 15oz

Both had grown almost 2 pounds! The doctor told us not to stress about their 10th percentile for weight. He said we are paying the price for them being born early, but that they would catch up.

We also brought Emma Grace to the doctor, and she is a healthy three year old. Her iron is a little low but we got our vitamins and hope to correct with those. She weighted in at 32 pounds, and 3 feet 3 inches. She is such a big girl!
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