Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baptism After Party

After the twin's baptism we had everyone over for lunch and fellowship.

Aunt Audrey and Uncle Aaron:

Aunt Mary and Memaw. My memaw made the long 10 hour trip over from Alabama to see the twins - it was so good to see her and my Aunt, Uncle and Ms. Minny Pearl. I love family!
Memaw, Aunt Gwyn, and Preston. My Aunt Gwyn's daughter Laurie (my cousin) has twin girls. I guess you can say they run in the family!
Memaw and Addison:
I love these pictures - check out Emma Grace's precious little facial expressions:

She loves her daddy!
My handsome big boy!
And for every celebration we must have a Rick's Cake!
Little snake lovie!

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The Timbs Clan said...

That last picture of Taylor is what he does to me every time I try to get a picture of him at church!! LOL