Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back Yard Campout

These pictures are very old (4 weeks old) – the twins were only four weeks when we did this, but I am just now cleaning off my camera. Ryan wanted to take the big kids camping to give them a fun adventure and out of the house and away from the boredom of the babies. Well after he got the camper out he was worried about the tires and did not know that he wanted to drag the camper out to the lake, so he parked it in the back yard and had a “Back Yard Campout.” We had the best time. Nene, Poppy and Aunt Emily spent some time with us roasting marshmallows, and then Ryan spent the night with Taylor and Emma Grace in the camper. Ryan said that “Emma Grace woke up with the biggest smile and declared she had fun, and it was well worth the trouble and the uncomfortable nights sleep!” My kids have the best daddy ever (well besides my dad)!

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