Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Twin Pictures

These pictures are a little bit old but since I found them on my camera I wanted to post them. I can't believe how lucky I am to be both of you two's mother. I love you both more than anything in this world. Preston these days you are all boy. You are so very hyper and energetic. You are funny as well. Addison is working really hard on talking as we practice you like to play on the other side of the room, and as I work with Addison on her words and try to get her to repeat them you will mock me over and over again. It really makes your sister so mad because she is working so hard to talk!

Addison you are just a joy. You are not quite as energetic as your brother, but you love to physically try to outdo him at everything. You love to jump high! You are working so hard to try to talk, and I know this perseverance will take you far in life. You do the funniest thing with your hair (I need to find a picture of it), but you love to take a tuff of hair and place it under your nose. Not in your mouth, not in your nose but just under your nose. If we try to move it you put it right back. It is almost like a security blanket for when you are getting sleep or in an unfamiliar situation. It is so cute - we call it your little mustache.

You two don't love to play together, but you don't like to be separated. You both really enjoy your own things. When you are not in the same room together you guys walk around looking for each other and calling out for each other. I think you really just like to know that the other is okay. Addison you love to read and do puzzles. Preston you really love to build and run and play ball. You guys have quit take naps, but you still get your quiet time. Addison you still need a nap, but Preston you could go days without a nap. I have thought about separating your rooms, but the thought of it makes me sick. You two love each other so much I just don't think I can do it.

These stats are from your 18 month checkup, and here you are 20 months old, but better late than never.

Weight - 23.4 pounds (20 percentile)
Height - 32 3/4" (60 percentile)

Weight - 21.15 pounds (40 percentile)
Height - 32" (60 percentile)

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Audrey said...

Addison & Preston - I cannot believe how much you have grown. I also can't believe you were only about 9 months old the last time I saw you.

You will have to show your cousin Lila that you are no longer little bitty babies when you come to visit in a few weeks. I know in her mind you still can't even walk or talk! We can't wait for our visit at the end of the month!

Aunt Audrey