Friday, May 3, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter pictures did not quite turn out like I had hoped, but memories were created.  Emma Grace did not want pictures taken before church (when everyone was all dressed up).  But we got some cute ones after church during our egg hunt (after everyone changed back into play clothes, aka warm clothes because it was a cold cold day).  But that is life these days with 4 children.  We had a great time visiting with Manna and G-Daddy and were so thankful they could spend the holiday weekend with us. 

Can't believe that 9 years ago on your first Easter you fit inside this Easter Basket. 


DeAnna said...

I think it's the age. Brenner is not really liking the camera these days either. You have a beautiful family! I love that dress...the color looks good on you!!

Basham said...

How are you able to get those adorable kiddos and yourself dressed to perfection? Props to you because I can barely handle one! LOL! So cute!