Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emma Grace

Emma Grace I have to admit that I was dreading being a stay at home mom and having you at home with me every single day. I was scared to death, because you are such an independent child and you did so well in play school, and when you were home on the weekends and in the evening you were very defiant and things only had to be done your way. Well I am sorry to say that the thought of being with you 24/7 scared me to death, but now reflecting back over the past year I have to say that I would not have had it any other way. You and I have bonded again and again. You are such a pleasure to be around. And I have learned that if I don’t try to hold you back then you don’t rebel. If you want to do it I just need to find a safe way for you to do it. Your curiosity gets the best of you some days! And I love to watch that spark and determination in your eye.

I can’t believe that you will go to kindergarten next year. Your daddy and I have debated and prayed over what to do with you next year. We finally agreed on sending you to a private kindergarten in a cute little Baptist church up the road from us. Right now our plan is to watch and see how you do next year, and really decide if you need to go on to first grade the next year or if you need to repeat kindergarten in the public school. You are smart as a whip, and you love to learn, we just struggle with your late July birthday and your maturity level! Can’t wait to see how this new year is going to unfold for you, but I am going to miss having you at home so much. I love you sweet girl.

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