Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Year End Review

WOW! What a year it has been. We can sum it all up by saying that “we are so thankful we all survived. And we are thankful to be moving into 2012 as a healthy happy family of 6 and starting a new chapter in our life.”

Highlights from 2012 include:
• Being blessed with a third pregnancy!
• A wonderful trip to Disney World
• Finding out we were having twins
• Moving to the Farm
• Selling our House
• Emma Grace becoming a Big Sister
• Taylor being accepted into the Gifted and Talented
* 6 months of maternity leave/medical leave
• 2,442 baths in the Coble House
• 1,400 little nails clipped
• 8,000+ diapers used ($1,500 spent on diapers)
• 2,520 time babies nursed
• 14 Ultrasounds
• At least 45 doctor appointments
• And 7 visits to the emergency room

I honestly did not know that we could fit so much into a year! And honestly I don’t know how we could have possibly been so blessed throughout this year. Beginning on January 6, 2011 and finding out we were expecting baby number three and thinking “oh Lord, how can we possibly handle this.” And then on March 1st finding out we were expecting twins, and the scariest news of our lives coming the first of May at our Week 20 ultrasound. And the fear of delivering our babies at 25 weeks gestation, and then again at 34 weeks gestation. And let’s not forget the 6 nights spent in the hospital with kidney stones, the ureter stint, and the 10 weeks of bed rest, and not being able to care for my family and having to become completely reliant on others.

Meanwhile Emma Grace was busy turning three, dealing with the anticipation of mom on bed rest/becoming a big sister, not napping anymore, and building an unbreakable bond with her daaaadaaaa (daddy). While Taylor was busy having corrective ear surgery, spending the summer with his Manna on many adventures, and starting the second grade. All the while Ryan was running the house and taking care of everyone’s every need.

But in the end we were blessed with two full term healthy babies!

Obviously the biggest happening of 2011 was the twin pregnancy, birth of the twins, and first 4 months of the twin’s lives. This has probably been the biggest challenge that we have been through as a family, but I am so pleased to be able to reflect back over the past year and see how we have grown as a family and in our relationship with God. This experience has only brought us closer to each other and has been worth the uphill battle.

Life is such a blur right now and it has been a tough year. People often ask “how we do it?” And the answer is simple “we just take it one day at a time.” We have had to cut back in a lot of ways. We spend a lot of time at home hanging out together, but this has truly caused us to become closer as a family and to enjoy the simpler things of life.

I often catch myself saying “Lord what have we done to be so very blessed?” We know that we owe it all to you, and we probably even owe you at this point, so lead us and we will follow and always be your faithful servants.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who helped us get through this year: Manna, Nene, Poppy, Mary, Emily, Jonathan, Pop Roy, Ms. Peggy, Sean, Aaron, Audrey, friends, and the list goes on and on. But most importantly I have to give recognition to my wonderful husband! I have never in all my life seen a man jump in and get as involved as Ryan did in 2011! He is truly the best husband and father a family could ever ask for.

We are looking forward to the adventures of 2012!

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Meredith & Brett Hagedorn said...

Laura- I really enjoy following your blog, such an inspiration!! This post was truly remarkable... I can't believe all the crazy stats of nursing, diapers etc. Wow!! I have no idea how you do it, you're amazing!!! I hope the nanny works out for y'all!!! Best wishes :)