Friday, February 13, 2015


Well here it is….  I think we are calling it “forrealfriday”.  This is the for real part of my life, this is my twin’s bedroom.  My darling, youngest, beautiful daughter is a HOARDER.  There is no better way to say it.  This is what her bed looks like 900% of the time.  She will collect crap from ALL around the house and store it in her bed.  She tells me at night time “don’t worry mom I can just sleep on my pillow, there will be enough room for me there.”  I seriously clean her bed out at least every week, well maybe every two weeks…..

I think hoarding is hereditary, so she gets it honest.  My brother-in-law claims I am a hoarder, he says “I am just a very organized hoarder.”  He would know best he has helped us move several times. 

Here are some other pictures of Addison and Preston’s room.  Yes that is Sharpie all over their carpet.  And yes there are no curtains on the windows for a reason.  The reason being the twins pulled them down, off the wall, and left huge holes in the sheetrock (that I have not fixed yet, because I cannot keep up with life).  And no I cannot keep their room clean either.  And yes those are Glow in the Dark dinosaurs on Preston’s wall, adhered with masking tape. The two of them together are into everything.  What one of them does not think of the other one certainly will. 


That is Addison a sleep with all this stuff at the very top of the bed.
This is a picture of all the stuff I pulled out of there bed yesterday....

Glow in the dark dinosaurs taped to the wall:

Permanent market all over the carpet: 

This is Preston's bed, just a few dinosaurs

I did however spend 4 hours of my day cleaning their room out yesterday.  This is all of the junk that I pulled out of their room.  Why do we have this much stuff?????  No one on this earth should have this much stuff in their whole entire house much less in one child’s room.
Now you know it, now you know the dirty truth of my life.  And if you know me at all you know that this room kills me.  But I think God is using it to tell me “let it go, I have this all under control and you can’t do everything perfectly Laura Diane…..  Let the little stuff go…..”  Thank you God for the reminder! 

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