Friday, December 7, 2012

Mother's Club Outing

For the past four months I have had the opportunity to take the most wonderful bible study class with the most amazing women and mothers.  The class is called The Mother's Club, and our teacher Mary Tabb is the most phenomenal teacher and mother of six!  It has been such a great class and a great way to meet other mom's who are all in the same season of life. 

Thank goodness someone sketched the people for us. 

Our Paint Pallet....

100% Mom's having wine with Transformer Cups from party's past!

This is my friend Amanda and her starting picture! 

I am really not a paint artist, but I do like to dabble in art in the forms of decorating, sewing, crafting, but I have never painted.  However, I am pleased with my first time painting picture!  Ryan asked if it was paint by number - ha!

A few of the ladies could not make it, but here is the crew and our nativity scene paintings.  So perfect to hang on our walls for the holiday season.  Life would be so perfect if I always had a huge canvas to put in front of my torso in every picture!

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Char said...

You did really good! Love Painting with a Twist.