Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Visitors

We have been busy with lots of visitors the last couple of weeks so hints why I have not been blogging.  We are just so blesses to have have so many people that will come and visit us.  We have kind of been on traveling strike the past few months.  We just don't feel like the twins are ready for the 14 hour trek back home.  Last week Nene and Poppy came to visit, and as Ryan was dropping them off at the airport on Christmas Eve he picked up Aunt Emily and brought her home with him.  Emily will be here for a total of 22 days and I am so thankful because part of that time Ryan will be duck hunting in Arkansas. This week my cousin's twin girls Alison and Brianna came to visit and we are just having the best time with them.  Yesterday we went to the Georgia Aquarium, along with everyone else in Atlanta, and today Ryan brought the big kids to play monster golf.  Hopefully we are showing them a fun time.  I know Taylor and Emma Grace have enjoyed having them.  Here are a couple pictures from our adventure yesterday.

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