Friday, March 2, 2012

Twin's 6 Month Update

I can’t believe my babies are already 6 months old (half a year old). Good grief where has time gotten away to? I have said this before but I will say it again, “Life is such a blur right now.” I do hope it slows back down really soon! I don’t want all of my children to grow up this fast.

Addison you hate to turn over on your tummy (you refuse to turn over on your tummy). You can do it but you choose not to. You have the highest pitch squeal I have ever heard from any of my children. You defiantly know how to get mommy and daddy’s attention! You love your daddy, you will look at him with your beautiful blue eyes and it melts my heart. Out of my four children I have never had a child that looked like me, and I have never had a child that had blue eyes, but you are both of those things and you make my heart smile every time I look at you. You are starting to become the best eater – you love peas, and just about everything else. You also love your brother. Every time we put you guys on the floor together you link arms or hold hands and you just stare at him. I really hope you guys grow up to be best friends.

Preston you my friend are just about the happiest baby I have ever met. You and sister are complete opposites. You love to roll and be on your tummy, and looking around. You usually play pretty independently (meaning mom and dad do not have to be by your side all the time). You love to eat, but you hate peas! You love fruits, avocados, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. You are so funny – I call you my typical man. When you don’t feel well you act like the world is coming to an end, and you want to be held and cuddled all the time. You and sissy had the same cold a couple weeks ago, and you acted at least 1000 times worse than she did. You guys had your immunizations on Wednesday and you again acted like the world was coming to an end for two day. It was pretty funny to watch! You too love your sister and you love to hold her hand and pull her hair. I love you little man.

Watch me grow:
Weight – 14 pounds 11 oz. (25% percentile)
Length – 26 ¾ inches long (75% percentile)

Weight – 15 pounds 12 oz. (25% percentile)
Length – 27 ¼ inches long (75% percentile)

Speaking of growing up – the other day I really needed Taylor’s help with the babies and Emma Grace and everything else while I was trying to get all of the kids ready to leave to go to swim lessons. By the time we got in the car I was starting to feel really bad for asking for so much help, so I told him that “I was sorry for needing so much of his help and that things would calm down again soon.” He looked at me and said “it’s okay mom, soon I will be in college and out of the house.” Funny kid – but I am afraid he is right – it will be really soon.

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