Saturday, January 24, 2015

I need to update my blog.....

I need to update my blog….. Especially since I pay $4.00 a month to have a blog.  Maybe I will do that as I start a new chapter of my life on Wednesday January 28th.  I hope I do that…  I love to write my stories here and document our memories. 

For now here is a funny Addison story…
Recently Preston came running to me in the kitchen.  He was so upset because he could not find his “BeeBee” (Pacifier) (yes he is 3.5 and still uses his pacifier – don’t judge until you have lived in my shoes and have 4 children of your own, and the last 2 are twins).  I did not know where it was.  He continued to get upset and just did not understand why I could not produce a BeeBee for him.  I assured him I did not have it.  Finally I asked the other 3 kids if they had seen Preston’s BeeBee.  It was then that Addison came running into the kitchen with her hands on her hips and proclaimed that “I throw it in the trashcan.  Preston (pestan – is how she pronounces his name) is too big for a BeeBee, and he does not need it, so I throw it away.)  Sure enough I found all of Preston’s BeeBee’s in the bottom of the trashcan. Ryan thinks that Addison will likely go to college with Preston to be his mother.

Look forward to talking to you more dear blog….

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