Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homemade Baby Food Makin' Momma

I have always wanted to cloth diaper, breastfeed for 10 years per child, and make homemade baby food.  Since I know for sure these will be my last babies I am trying to accomplish it all.  I bough a tone of cloth diapers, and did if for three weekends.  I loved it, but it is very hard to keep up with for a working mother.  But now I can say I did it, and I might go back to it one day.  I will breastfeed the babies until they no longer want to anymore.  I will cry when it is time to quit but I will know that I have given it my all.  I am actually pretty impressed with myself for exclusively breastfeeding both babies - and I have been doing it for 23 weeks!!!!  I always wanted to make homemade baby food, so I went out and bought all of the fancy equipment and got started.  I have made one back of pears so far.  So now I can say I did it.  I will probably make more, but it is a novelty to me and I enjoyed the one batch I made! 

As of this week the babies are starting to try baby food and cereal.  They hate plain cereal so we have started on veggies.  They don't care much for green bean, but we will keep trying.  Addison loves peas, and they both really liked the homemade avocado that I made for them!!! 

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