Monday, January 23, 2012

Addison - 1 Week vs. 21 Weeks

I can’t believe the difference that 20 weeks brings?  Addison has grown from 5.3 pounds to about 13 pounds.  Addison started to roll over yesterday and she is smiling and talking like a big baby girl!  I think she will be a daddy’s girl because he gets all of her good conversations!

Just for reference – in the one week old picture Addison was in Preemie Diapers, and in the 21 weeks picture she is about to bust out of size 2 diapers. 

Those are two different Vaseline brands, but the size of the container is the same.  Some moms use stuffed animals to measure their child’s size and really cute props but Vaseline was all I could get mine hands on!  Oh the joy of being a mom to 4!


Basham said...

You are so funny! She is adorable and looks just like you and Emma!

Leslie said...

Love the prop!