Friday, November 4, 2011

Special Emma Grace Day

Today Emma Grace stayed home from playschool so we could have a special day together! We did our circle time flash cards. This child can identify her numbers 1 - 10 and she can identify 95% of the alphabet, and all of her colors. I am so very proud of her and everything she knows at three years old. Her and her teachers work very hard at playschool!  Then we did some holiday painting, and bear sorting.

We cleaned out our piggy bank and worked on our coin recognition, so she could make a deposit in her 529 account, when mommy runs in the bank this afternoon.  When asked what she is saving her money for - her reply is "for college so I can be a doctor." 

We cooked eggs for breakfast - Emma Grace cracked all the eggs without getting to many shells in them! Then she helped me make black eyed peas for dinner. Emma Grace helped me hold the babies, and even fed her baby doll a bottle while I nursed the twins. Then we got dressed in Lucy's Razorback dress because that is what Emma Grace wanted to wear- sorry sister we will get it back to you. And then we had lunch together and sensory time with dried beans. Did I mention that we painted our nails together, and ate lots of Halloween candy!

It has been a great day and it is only 12:18! I love this little girl and I love being a mommy!
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Audrey said...

What a very fun and special day! Emma Grace you are one lucky girl and so very smart! We need to schedule another play date soon. Your cousin Lila was asking to play with you yesterday!