Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Land Pictures

My blog readers can ignore these pictures – these are pictures of our land that I have posted for my architect.  He works in Little Rock so this was the easiest place to upload the pictures to. 


• Four Bedrooms
      o One Master
      o 3 Kids
           One bigger than other – girls will share after done with nursery
• 3 - 3.5 Bathrooms
     o Master Bathroom
     o Boy’s Bathroom
           Jack and Jill area (either in boys or girls)
     o Girl’s Bathroom
           Maybe two sinks

• If budget allows – would be appealing room beside the foyer
• Could potently turn into a bedroom
• Built in bookcases

Laundry Room:
• Either two laundry rooms or a spot for two washers and dryers
• Room for dirty clothes organizer
• Countertops
• Cabinet space
• Would like laundry room to lead to the backyard so we can have a dog door leading to fenced in yard for dogs.
• Ironing station cabinet built in wall
• Built in kennel
• Lots of space to store all kids cloths so they can get dressed in laundry room and I don’t have to run all over the house putting up clean cloths
• Maybe double as study with room for desk

Extra’s – Wish List:
• Pool – space to one day maybe put in a pool
• Security System – maybe, could be added when kids get older
• Basement and/or Attic – unfinished
• Porch – can we construct now so that we can enclose one day?
• Washable paint – not flat
• Non textured walls
• White ceilings
• Consider exterior wood burning stove for supplemental heat
• Lots of cabinets
• Large drawers to store in
• Large Island to fit four bar stools
• Room for a kitchen table
• Needs to be close to garage/carport – for carrying in groceries
• Gas stove
• Place for china cabinet or a built in

• Would like for Den and kitchen to be one long conjoined room so that family can be in one space at one time.

House First Floor:
• Would like tall ceilings on first floor, and tall doors – maybe?

Front Porch:
• Would like to build so that one day we could enclose, and add square footage.

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Char said...

I love your land - it's beautiful!