Friday, August 2, 2013

More Beach Pictures

I feel like to worked my tail off at the beach trying to keep up with my Many Small Children, so I really don’t have any great stories but I do have some additional candid pictures that I was able to snap, and want to keep here on my blog.

I will say that Taylor loved riding the Jet Skies and boogie boarding. Emma Grace and Lucy played in the waves all day everyday (when it was not storming). Addison sat in whoever’s lap she could find in the shade on a beach chair. Just like last year she hated the waves, pool, and sand. Preston was busier than ever digging in the sand, throwing sand, playing football, and jumping in the water. Probably the funniest thing that he did was bend over and push his head in the sand like a front end loader. So funny how two children (Addison and Preston), who were conceived at the same moment in time and lived in same womb for the first 9 months of their lives, can be so very different.

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