Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wheeling and Dealing

I said a few post ago that I wanted to write this post, so here goes. I have had so much decorating my new house, and I am trying to be realistic and extra thrifty when doing so. My husband would disagree given the barstools and patio furniture that I ordered, but sometimes you just can’t sacrifice! Back to my story. I have become a pro at Craigslist and I love all of the things that a big market has opened up to my addiction! I think I love the art of making a deal. It is really just a game at the end of the day. I love negotiating for things, especially things to decorate my house with. Sometime if I want something bad enough we were willing to pay what they were asking, but it is so much fun to see what we can make a deal for.

For years I watched my dad make deals with car dealers and for stuff that he found in the newspaper classifieds. I will never forget all of the little yellow highlighted stocks of classified ads that adorned our living room tables after he was done browsing the Sunday paper. I can also remember that when he wanted something he was never afraid to ask for what he wanted and if they said “no” or offered a higher price he was never afraid to negotiate or just flat out walk away from the deal. I loved to watch this process!

Here is a look into some of my recent deals:

This is my $800 jogging stroller that I got for only $400. The owner was asking $450, and I offered her $350, and we settled for $400. The stroller was only used one time, and she decided that her 4 year old was too big to riding in a stroller. I love it, and am very happy with my deal!  I really love my Bro/Sis stroller, and it is great for in store activities.  But we needed something for the parks and trails that we have fallen in love with. 

This is my Pottery Barn train table that was originally $200 that I got for $115.  This was part of Emma Grace’s birthday gift.  I was supper excited because it was brand new, and almost never been used.  I found this lady’s ad on craigslist.  I am going to order the big bends that go underneath them, so we can store our toys. 

This is my favorite deal! A $2,500 Pottery Barn couch that I got for only $300. (Not a great picture, but look behind the train table.) I bought it from the same lady that I got Emma Grace’s train table from. This lady had the neatest things in her house, and of very high quality. When I was buying the train table she asked me if there was anything else that I needed. I told her I was looking for a queen bed and a couch for our play room and guest room. She told me she could help with the couch. She was trying to clear out her house, so they could move. The lady was asking $500 and I told her I would give her $300, and she said “OK”. Yay for me!!!

I don’t know what I am going to do when Ryan finally trades in the truck for the car he has been eyeing. The truck is my means for hauling all of my finds in the big city!

Another big deal for us was our house!  We got the house for about 10% less than what they were asking for.  We negotiated back and forth a few times, but finally came to an agreement.  Then we had our inspection done (on top of the sellers already done inspection), and ours came back with additional things that needed attention.  The sellers offered us $500 towards the cost of closing to have them done ourselves.  I knew that Ryan and I would not be able to do them ourselves anytime soon, because we have so many small children.  Plus we don’t own a saw or a really tall ladder, which both were needed for the projects.  So that would have cost us at least $500 to get the tools to do the job.  I was thinking it would cost us at least $1,200 to have it hired out.  So we asked the sellers for $1,800 towards the cost of closing, and they came back with $1,500.  Now here is the good part:  I had all of the work hired out and it only cost me $450.  It really pays to find a great handy man, and not to be afraid to ask for what you want.

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